Medical billing, electronic collection and insurance claims processing. We currently provide a wide range of services with an emphasis on electronic billing & the control of accounts receivables.

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Medical Billing, Electronic Collection, Insurance Claims Processing & Much More.

Are you a Doctor or Office Manager needing to find out what it takes, and how much it costs, to efficiently bill and collect for your services? Are you also trying to decide whether to do billing "in house" or to use an "outside" biller?

Most of our clients initially contacted us because of the poor performance with their current billing service, whether "inside" or "outside". Poor performance negatively affects cash flow, accounts receivable balances and aging accounts.

It seems that "inside" billing services too often end up suffering because of employee turnover. Finding and keeping hard-working employees with the required medical and billing experience is very hard to do. New employees require long training periods and/or expensive professional software training. In the mean time, your office's aging accounts receivable balances increase.

Billing for services rendered requires the purchase and ongoing support of complicated and expensive computer and billing software. Support of the hardware as well as the training and ongoing support of the billing software can get expensive.

What better investment could you make than in spending the time to find an efficient, hard-working "outside" billing company who has the skills, experience and the know how that your business needs.

E.B.S. Inc. is a small medical billing and collection service, located in the Chicago Land area. EBS's owners have over 40 years of combined diverse experience in the medical field, including office management and all aspects of billing and collection.

We are proficient in the understanding of the most current insurance plans including: managed care, HMOs and indemnity health plans as well as Medicare, Medicaid, Personal Injury and Workers Compensation.

We currently provide a wide range of customizable services, most of which are standard with most billing companies. We feel our special value comes from the emphasis we place on electronic billing and the control of accounts receivable balances via frequent and thorough follow-up of our client's accounts.

A summary of the customizable services we can provide is shown below:

Although a large percentage of claims do go quickly and efficiently through the Medical Claims Billing and Collection Lifecycle another large percentage of claims are simply "lost", improperly rejected and/or improperly reimbursed.
Therefore, our office staff frequently reviews and tracks various aspects of our client's accounts. As required, investigation, communication and follow-up with your office, your patients, the multitude of insurance companies, government agencies, etc. is needed to help ensure timely resolution.

Frequently, our office, depending on the contracted services, is required to:

Our Medical Billing Software vendor of preference is NDCMedisoft, a SW product in use by over 70,000 providers. We are professionally trained and receive technical support from a local Medisoft certified dealer.

Cost to You? When providing "full end-to-end services" we normally charge based upon a percentage of money collected, and therefore have the incentive to thoroughly follow up with each and every claim. We currently provide partial services to some of our clients and charge based upon the number of claims submitted.

If you are interested in contacting us to discuss how we could help you with all of your individual medical billing and collection needs, contact us via email at or call us collect (Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri) during the day (9am-4pm CST) at (815) 463-9560.

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Medical billing, electronic collection and insurance claims processing. We currently provide a wide range of services with an emphasis on electronic billing & the control of accounts receivables.